HCIS 275 Week 9 EHR Specialist Employment Opportunities

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 HCIS 275 Week 9 EHR Specialist Employment Opportunities

Consider this week’s readings and class discussion about employment opportunities that exist in today’s health care industry, particularly those that involve electronic health records.

Complete the EHR Specialist Employment Opportunities Worksheet.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your worksheet.

EHR Specialist Employment Opportunities


Electronic health record specialists work in a variety of care structures and divisions of health care. Opportunities are increasing with ever-changing technology, legislation, and the need to satisfy meaningful use requirements.


Use the Internet or other means to search for a position of employment that uses EHRs in a professional capacity and for which you would be qualified as a candidate.


Answer the following questions based on your search.





What is the title of the position you found? What type of organization is it found in?


What are the specific requirements listed for this position that qualify you as a candidate? Explain in 50 to 100 words.


Imagine you were applying for the position you found. In 25 to 50 words each, identify and describe three ways that you would use your education and experience to stand out from other candidates applying for the position. Be specific about qualities and strengths unique to you.


In 25 to 50 words each, identify and describe three areas of improvement that you have identified in yourself that might hinder your ability to earn this position. For each one, describe a specific way that you are working on or will actively work to overcome and strengthen this area.

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