187 : Miss Iris and Vicky's Panda cranking, driving and stalling

"Hey it's such a beautiful day! I can use Miss Vicky's car!" Miss Iris says.

After months of pain with an old fiat panda from the 80's, she gets as a reward a trip with a 5 years Fiat Panda! She is so excited to drive such a modern and cute car, that she barely can't control her happiness!

Until she turns the key. And she gets immediately back to reality.

"The only problem is that Vicky said me I can have some problems at starting it, I hope it will be nothing serious!"

Well, Miss Vicky was right. Because even this Fiat doesn't want to start AT ALL!

She tries, and tries, and tries again to start it. Pushing the gas in various ways to find the right one that the engine likes, but no sings from the engine itself!

You can see her feet in black wedges pumping the pedals, while with her short black dress you can see all her legs in the air!

After a while she finally gets it started, but she can do just few meters and the car stalls again on her!

What's going on? Is this a sorcery from the old Fiat Panda? Will some revving can fix the problem?
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