Hanken Design Co. Font Bundle 2017

Our bundle is back! Say hello to the HDC Font Bundle 2017. This is a growing collection of typefaces including familiar faces from way back in 2014. Growing? If you are not familiar with our bundle yet then the short explanation for this is: “You get all of our future typeface/font releases this year of 2017 as updates!”. Isn’t that GREAT? And all of that for only $120. Grab your bundle now!

*HDC Font Bundle 2016 holders get 50% off on this 2017 bundle so if you don’t get any emails from us, email us your request along with your HDC Font Bundle 2016 receipt at hello(at)hanken.co.


— Free technical support
— All updates and future typeface/font releases during the year 2017
— Over 900+ Desktop Fonts (.otf, .ttf) andWeb Fonts (.eot, .woff, .woff2)
— Typefaces (Includes all font weights and styles):

  • HK Carta™ (NEW)

  • HK Compression™ (NEW)

  • HK Gothic™ (NEW)

  • HK Spec™ (NEW)

  • HK Zercon™ (NEW)

  • ItzKarl™ (NEW)

  • HK Concentrate™ (NEW)

  • Barter Exchange™ (NEW)

  • HK Blocker™ (NEW)

  • HK Grotesk Pro™ Legacy (NEW)

  • HK Grotesk Pro™ Latin (NEW)

  • Zwizz™ (NEW with 5 weights)

  • Radnika Next (NEW)

  • Cerebri Sans (NEW)

  • ADA Hybrid

  • Ahamono

  • Arca Majora 3

  • Decalotype

  • Elenar

  • Hanken Sans

  • HK Caslon

  • HK Nova/HK Nova Narrow/HKNova Rounded

  • HK Venetian

  • Illuma

  • Jellee

  • Monoist

  • Number 23

  • Neue Einstellung

  • Neue Hans Kendrick

  • Okomito

  • Placid Armor

  • Polarity

  • Radnika

  • Type-36

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