MC - Overedit

Looking for a great over-edit? Then you're on the right place!

A standard over-edit will be as follows,
 (720p, 60fps)
 Max. 1:10 minutes

Advanced over-edit options,
 1440p instead of 720p "recommend"  = + 2.50,-
 Better render-settings "Quality" = + 1.50,-
 Motion-track on cinematics = + 4.00,-
 Max. 1:50 = + 5.00,-

What do I need for your over-edit?
 Clips 720p, 120fps "Minecraft GUI scale: Normal"
 Your intro/outro

Waiting time.
Max. 1/2 weeks. I don't accept any orders that need to be made in 1 day. Don't let me rush, because it might affect your over-edit.

If you bought an over-edit, then you're not allowed to chargeback the money. If you do you are not allowed to buy any of my products anymore. You may only chargeback the money if I have no time to create your over-edit.

Gmail: [email protected]

Have a nice day!
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