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The Action RPG Toolkit is a toolkit for Unreal Engine 4 for creating a game like Diablo, Path of Exile, Torchlight etc... It aims to bring you a lot of features like the mentioned games in a package that is simple to use in terms of gameplay and further development. This package can be used by people that don't want the hassle of programming their own game and want to focus on the art side of a game. It can also be used by programmers that want a great starting point to start on a new Action RPG game. It can ofcourse be used for learning purposes as well.


- Character creation system: Create multiple characters you can play.
- Combat system: Warrior and Sorcerer class with 11 example skills. Melee combat and Ranged combat
- Skill System: Drag and drop skills to your action bar to use with the action buttons of your choice.
- Monster AI: A melee monster that will search for the player, and look for the last player location if it loses sight of the player.
- Elite Monsters: Uncommon and Champion monsters with 3 example monster affix skills.
- Stat system: Attributes like Power, Defense, Endurance and Willpower that influence your damage, armor, resistance, health and mana.
- Leveling System: Acquire experience points and gain levels which unlocks new skills and more powerful items to equip.
- Inventory and Equipment system: Manage your items in the inventory and equip them to your character adding character stats upon equipping.
- Random item generation: Random items are dropped upon defeating monsters, with random stat suffixes and item quality/rarity based upon entered drop chance numbers.
- Salvage System: Salvage your items into crafting materials. There are also auto salvage options.
- Health globes: Monsters will sometimes drop health globes that will restore a portion of your health to keep combat fast-paced.
- Potion system: A potion can be used upon pressing a button that will restore a portion of your health
- Town Portal System: Upon pressing a button you will create a portal that will return you to town.
- Waypoint System: There are platforms that when you run over them will provide you with locations where you can travel.
- Save/Load system: Save your game and continue playing the game with loaded stats, inventory and equipped items.
- Quest System: Simple sidequests that you can complete and earn experience, gold and item rewards
- Vendor NPC: A non-player character that will sell items to you and where you can sell your own items in return for gold
- Difficulty System: 4 difficulty settings which increase monster damage, health and experience
- Game modes: Elite mode where you can have maximum 5 deaths, Hardcore mode where death is permanent.

- Extensive written documentation
- Full in blueprint scripts
- Continued development/support
- Singleplayer only
- People who bought the package will receive updates for free

Planned features for the future:

- Crafting System
- Shared Stash
- NPC vendors
- Minimap
- Set items

More features to be implemented upon time moving forward. Also based on requests.

Intended Platforms: Desktop
Tested Platforms: Windows
Engine Compatibility: 4.14 - 4.15

Support Forum Thread:
Support Email: [email protected]

Change Log

Version 1.3.1

- Fixed a bug where creating a character with the standard value for game mode would prevent you from pressing the Play button
- Fixed a bug where completing quests would not remove the quest from the quest tracker
- Fixed an error popping up when trying to build the project
- Fixed some warnings popping up when trying to build the project

Version 1.3

- New feature: Vendor NPC
- New feature: Difficulty settings (Normal, Hard, Cruel, Merciless). Difficulty increases monster's health and damage for now. Later monsters will give more exp and better loot
- New feature: Game Modes. Elite mode - 6th death is permanent, Hardcore Mode - Death is permanent
- Changed some code for set items to prepare for implementing set bonusses
- Fixed a bug where changing levels would change all equipped items to the helmet item.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to run at a very low framerate
- Removed healing numbers when you don't have any lifesteal
- Fixed a bug that occured by upgrading to 4.16 where the tornado monster affix would spawn tornados at the players location instead of on a random point around the player

Version 1.2.1

- Hotfix for some extra errors popping up due to conversion to 4.16

Version 1.2

- Upgraded the project to UE 4.16
- New feature: Secondary "legendary" stats that only roll on unique legendary items and in the future sets.
           - Critical hit chance (chance for hits to deal double damage)
           - Devastating hit (chance for hits to deal triple damage)
           - Reflect damage (% of monsters damage will be reflected and dealt to the  monster himself)
           - Magic find (increases chance to drop legendary and set items)
           - Gold find (increases the amount of gold dropped)
           - Experience gained
           - Fame gained
           - Lifesteal (a portion of your damage will be used to heal yourself)
- Added new "unique" legendary items with fixed stats and new secondary stats that only roll on these uniques.
- Added colors to the item tooltips for different types of stats
- Changed the item name color in item tooltips to reflect the item rarity
- Health plates above enemy's heads now hide when far away. This was needed since I implemented a rotatable camera and you could see the plates too far away.
- Item labels now hide when far away. This was needed since I implemented a rotatable camera and you could see the labels too far away.
- Fixed a bug where toggling health plates with 'V' no longer worked.
- Fixed a bug where toggling item labels would not work properly for gold.
- Fixed a bug where auto salvaging was disabled it would instead salvage all items
- Fixed a bug where resistance on jewelry didn't update properly when unequipping an item

Version 1.1

- New feature: Waypoints. You are now able to travel between multiple levels you created.
- You are now able to hide buildings or roofs when it occludes the character by giving it the tag "Hideable".
- Added set items to the loot tables, in preparation to implement them further. Currently there are no set bonusses yet when equipping multiple parts
- Improved the system for armor and resistance, armor and resistance now provide you with % damage reduction
- Added Legendary power affixes to legendary items above lvl 35 in preparation to implement legendary powers later on.
- Improved rendering the character in blue when it is occluded by a building or roof. It now no longer triggers when behind Enemy's.
- Fixed a bug with collision settings, where NPC's and enemy's would be pushed forward when running into them with the sorcerer class.
- Fixed a bug where some spells could be used even if you didn't have the required mana.
- Fixed some errors popping up in the logs when monsters died, but their duration spells still tried to do damage.
- Fixed a bug where your attacks and spells would damage and kill NPC's.
- Fixed a bug where ranged enemy's projectiles would not damage the player.
- Fixed an error where ranged enemy's couldn't find the player.
- Fixed skill tooltips to display mana required scaled with character level.
- Removed the "Quest Tracker" title from the quest tracker, it was in the way.
- Fixed a bug where accepting 2 quests at once, the quest tracker would update the wrong quest kill number.
- Fixed a bug where skill button 4 would not work on AZERTY keyboards.
- Added boundaries to the camera rotation vertically, so you can't flip rotation axis.
- Fixed a bug where resistance on jewelry didn't save/load properly.
- Added loading screens when switching levels.
- Added more sections in the documentation and now placed the documentation directly in the zip file.

Known Issues

- Ranged enemy's sometimes loose track of the player and keep attacking in the direction of where they last saw the player.
- Goofy results with hiding buildings/roofs
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