Multiculturalism in correctional facilities poses challenges for staff to understand and tolerate diverse ideologies that may be contrary to the staff’s way of thinking. Countries in which citizens are members of diverse groups tend to be more punitive in nature than less diverse countries (McNamara & Burns, 2009).


After completing this week, you will be familiar with the following elements of ethnicity and corrections:


·         Death penalty

·         Correctional populations

·         Minority overrepresentation

·         Community corrections

·         Correctional staff attitude toward cultural diversity

This Week in Relation to the Course


In Week Four, ethnicity and the corrections are the focus of study. Recently, the United States has been dealing with over population and a generation of young minority males that are over represented in prison. Part of the dilemma is that society has relied on addressing crime by punishing violators with stiffer prison sentences (McNamara & Burns, 2009). Incarceration does not seem to be the answer and this week you gain a full perspective on how disparity and discrimination play out in the field of corrections
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