186 : Miss Black Mamba and her last disastrous trip with the old Fiat Panda

Miss Black Mamba is heading for a quick drive. She decides to take the Fiat Panda, as it will be one of the latest trips with that car!

She is dressed with a black short dress that let you see her tan line on the back, and old dirty Superga shoes!

She gets in the car, hoping that the poor Panda will start straight away, because the issue is always " Will the engine decides that I can go around or not?".

There is only one way to find it out: turning the key! And today apparently it's not her lucky day!

She is stuck at the side of the road with a car that doesn't want to start at all! 

"Why she has to be a bitch all the time?" Miss Black Mamba is thinking. She pumps the pedals really hard, because she is really pissed off by this engine who never wants to start when she need it!

When the car starts, she finally gets going, but after a few meters it stalls again and the torture begins!

She begs and pleads the car to start, cause she needs to drive, but apparently the Panda doesn't bother about her problems...

Will the Panda leave our Miss stranded forever in the middle of the road?

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