Acc280 Financial Accounting: Continuing Cookie Chronicle 4 (CCC4) - as proprietorship

Acc280 Financial Accounting
Continuing Cookie Chronicle 4 (CCC4)

Open your corrected CCC3 file. Complete the required activities for CCC4.

Note that this is a rather difficult problem. You are asked to prepare financial statements and prepare and post closing entries, but you were not given the specific transactions for December. Instead, you are given the Adjusted Trial Balance for Dec. 31. I recommend that you take the balances on the ATB and write them in the correct ledger accounts. Just make a note to yourself in each ledger that this is the "Dec. 31 balance." Of course, if we were REALLY doing a set of books, we would have posted the entries for Dec. and this wouldn't be necessary.

Natalie had a very busy December.At the end of the month,after journalizing and post­ing the December transactions and adjusting entries. Natalie prepared the following adjusted trial balance.

Adjusted Trial Balance
December 31, 2009

Debit Credit
Cash $1,180
Accounts Receivable 875
Baking Supplies 350
Prepaid Insurance 1,210
Baking Equipment 1,200
Accumulated Depreciation - Baking Equipment $ 40
Accounts Payable 75
Salaries Payable 56
Interest Payable 15
Unearned Revenue 300
Notes Payable 2,000
N. Koebel, Capital 800
N. Koebel, Drawing 500
Teaching Revenue 4,515
Salaries Expense 1,006
Telephone Expense 125
Advertising Supplies Expense 165
Baking Supplies Expense 1,025
Depreciation Expense 40
Insurance Expense 110
Interest Expense 15
$7,801 $7,801

Using the information in the adjusted trial balance, do the following.
(a) Prepare an income statement and a statement of owner’s equity for the 2 months ended December 31, 2009, and a classified balance sheet as at December 31, 2009. The note payable has a stated interest rate of 6%, and the principal and interest are due on November 16, 2011.
(b) Natalie has decided that her year-end will be December 31, 2009. Prepare and post closing entries as of December 31, 2009.
(c) Prepare a post-closing trial balance.
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