What do you get when you cross some 8-bit music technology with Dixieland music? Well... you get stuff that sounds like this. The uncompressed download comes with a pile of extra stuff, like versions at 220, 230, 240, and a whopping 275 beats per minute! That's really fast. It also has loops that don't go through the modulation so you can repeat them as long as you'd like!


Includes the main track as well as several individual parts to you can make your own mixes.

Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0.pdf
Pixelland 200.wav
Pixelland 220.wav
Pixelland 230 Banjo.wav
Pixelland 230 Bass.wav
Pixelland 230 Clarinet.wav
Pixelland 230 Jumper.wav
Pixelland 230 Percussion.wav
Pixelland 230.wav
Pixelland 240.wav
Pixelland 275.wav
Pixelland Loop 200.wav
Pixelland Loop 220.wav
Pixelland Loop 230.wav
Pixelland Loop 240.wav
Pixelland Loop 275.wav
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