Faith and the Muse : tatsu : ep

A fantastic introduction to the album : ankoku butoh : - 5 songs, including a remix of standout track Battle Hymn.
  1. Kamimukae
  2. Blessed
  3. Battle Hymn
  4. Nine Dragons
  5. Battle Hymn (War Trance RmX) by Full Fathom Five

Produced by Faith and the MuseRecorded by William Faith @ Zone 0, Los Angeles, CAMixed and mastered by Chad Blinman @ The Eye Socket, Los Angeles, CAAll songs composed by Faith and the Muse © Elyrian Music 2009, BMI
All instruments and voices performed by William Faith and Monica Richards except:Violin by Paul Mercer • Cello by Marzia RangelDragon Artwork by Jim Neely,
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