150+ WATERCOLOR, OIL PAINT & NATURAL MEDIA Paint Brush Bundle for Procreate

This unique and versatile brush bundle contains more than 150 custom made watercolor, oil paint, marker, glaze, pastel, ink and many other natural media paint brushes.

All future updates of this set and new brushes will be included for FREE with your purchase!


  • All brushes can also be used as eraser/smudge tool to achieve a consistent look & feel

  • Play with opacity, try out pressure, tilt and speed sensitivity to use the brushes to their full potential

  • Try out the techniques and tips for using the watercolor brushes you'll find in the instructions (PDF).

Fig.1 Thanks to Joe12South for this awesome painting with the BRISTLY brush

Fig.2 The POSEIDON, one of more than 35 watercolor brushes

[update 11-20-2016] Added 2 bonus paint brush sets: 17 brand new oil paint, pastel and crayon brushes
Fig.3 Sir Ripples Knight Oil Brushes - Oil paint and glaze brush set

Fig.4 Pagan Pastels of the Crayon Cult - Pastel and crayon brush set

[update 12-29-2016] Free CHRISTMAS Brush Set added: 40 brand new brushes for illustration, painting and design concepts plus 10 color swatches
Fig.5 Some of the new brushes from the free Christmas update

[update 01-10-2017] Added 35 new brushes and color swatches:

  • BLENDER Brush Set - 24 versatile blending and naturalistic painting brushes with natural media textures


  • 40 new COLOR Swatches - Added my new TRI-O-TONE palettes as well as cool color swatches sampled from movie stills

Fig.6 Sample strokes with the WATERCOLOR BLENDERS A + B

Fig.7 New blending, watercolor and painting brushes 

Fig.8 New fractal and concept brushes

Fig.9 Some of the new color swatches

[update 04-03-2017] Added my new COPICESQUE MARKER Set https://sellfy.com/p/B9Jf/: 12 premium marker and blending brushes
Fig.10 New marker and color blending brushes

Fig.11 The ACRYLIC ANNA paint brush

Fig.12 The AERO PAINT SOFT airbrush portrait

[update 08-28-2017] Added 14 new paint brushes :)

You can see more sample images and brush demos here: https://goo.gl/facaJQ

Feel free to check out my brush demo videos: https://goo.gl/1xk9bU

BEST DEAL: Get more than 290 custom made brushes plus free updates with my Procreate MEGAPACK: https://sellfy.com/p/Z1ae/

Check out what customers and other artists are saying and creating with these brushes:

If you have any questions or problems using the brushes, just drop me a line. 

Happy Painting :)

NOTE: You need Procreate (iOS App) to use the brushes, a pressure sensitive stylus is recommended. The shown illustrations are fan art sketched & inked with these brushes in the spirit of the original artists/copyright holders.
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