240 Miss Iris flooring the WV Beetle gas pedal

*** EXTRA LONG VIDEO !!! ***

Miss Iris, wearing a purple top, skirt and gold open toe high heels, is getting in her car.

It’s a cold winter morning in Turin, and she knows she has to rev the Beetle engine to warm it up so it doesn’t stall down the road!

The engine starts immediately, and she pumps straight away on that gas pedal, just to heat the engine very quickly!

While she warms up the car with heels or bare feet, you can see her revving the engine from any point of view, like the passenger door, the driver door, a close up of her feet on the gas pedal…

After a long and very hard revving, she is ready to go!

You sit on the passenger seat, she puts the gear in and she starts driving around! She drives keeping the gas pedal floored, and every time she stops in queue, she uses that time to rev the car! 


It’s the best video for revving fans!
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