Welcome to the Choir - SATB Score

'Welcome to the Choir' is a quirky piece for SATB choir - commissioned by Parkrose High School, OR, US. This piece introduces each section of the choir and what it does. Informative, amusing and a fantastic concert opener.


[Basses] Let's start with the bass line. On beat. (repeated)
[Tenors] and add in a tenor rhythm. Off beat. (")
[Sopranos] Now for soprano melody; beautiful melody, soprano melody.
[Altos] But don't forget the altos who can turn a melody, into harmony (S+A) Melody and Harmony.
[All] We sing in homophony, ah! Homophony, ah! From minor to major, and changing the key...
To sing in polyphony, polyphony, melismatic polyphony.
Welcome to the choir! (x5)
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