Release The Past MP3

Release That Past The Dark The Shadow Self 11 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Download.

This Video Returns Karma To Dharma.    Some Humans Are Not Suppose To Be On Earth And Wanting To exit.   Some Humans Are Suppose To Be Here On Earth And Wanting To Exit The Recycle Reincarnation Slave Program.    Words Deeds And Thoughts Become Impressions Saved In Memory Consciousness Even After Death And Not Wiped Clean   

These Impressions Are Hidden Deep Within Memory Consciousness Carried Over From One Life Timeline To The Next Life Timeline And Multi Parallel Lines.   Clearing And Balancing Healing And Forgiving All Life Timelines Parallel Lines Of Thoughts Words And Deeds Of Lines Of Codes On The 64 Codon Squares Including The Current Life Time Line This Is The Only Way Out And To Never Come Here Again To Reach The Other Side Of The Checker Board To Capture The King On The Chess Board.   

This Subliminal Serves As A Evolutionary Catalyst To Clear And Balance All The Past And Current.   Many Impressions May Come To Surface For Release Just Let Them Go Meanwhile Be Kind To Yourself.   This Heals The Most Deepest All Parts Of Yourself

Looping Is Okay Listen Daily For At Least 3-6 Months 

Inaudible Spoken Messages :

I see the miracle in every day I trust the best is yet to come I keep life simple I am free of burdens I make peace with the past I am at peace with myself I make peace with my past words I make peace with images of the past I make peace with past thoughts I clear and balance the past I clear and balance the present I clear and balance all timelines  Parallel lines and all lines of codes I am healed of all conditions  I let go of anger I go with the flow I no longer dwell on past hurtful events I see a clutter free space before me I let go of what holds me back I let go of past hurt and enjoy today I increase self awareness I am blissful for no particular reason I find true happiness in my life I am content with what i have My mind is clear of distractions I let go of the pain and regain my life I let go of the need to control others I let go of the past and move forward My future is better than I could ever imagine I welcome the new and exciting now I accept health in my body Joy in my mind and happiness in my life I am ready to let go of the past I happily abide in the present Karma has no power over me My words are uplifting My thoughts are uplifting My deeds are uplifting I allow the higher plan for my life to unfold for me now I no longer allow the past to have a hold on me Clear light of the divine is working within every cell of my body To heal the past impressions and instill joy within I trust the healing God power within me  To erase all my negative karma and I am infinitely grateful for that I let go of the resentment from past events and see life from the heart I release my resentment towards others and take control of my life Every day I feel and connect to the beautiful spirit that I am Each day I choose to seek and acknowledge my personal happiness I observe life as a witness without passing judgement And in doing so I unlink from my past karma I let go of Chaos I let go of fear I let go of greed I let go guilt I let go of grief I let go of sadness I let go of hatred I let go of insecurity I let go of pain and suffering I let go of emotional and mental anguish I let go of self defeating beliefs I let go of selfishness I let go depression I let go of resentment I forgive all my images  I forgive all my thoughts  I forgive all my deeds I get rid of the dark side I leave the dark side alone I heal and transform the dark side into clear light luminosity I no longer feed the dark side my energy I drive all malevolent entities out of my reality I forgive my ancestors and they forgive me
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