Christina's Spiral Perm - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Christina hasn't had a perm for six years. To mark the occasion, she dresses up for it in a flattering business suit and tie. As soon as she sits down, the stylist at the Fantastic Sam's salon, tells her that she'll be getting a spiral perm. A black cape is draped around Christina, and they move to the hair washing station where Christina receives a relaxing shampoo and conditioner treatment. A quick toweling follows. Now that Christina's hair is damp, her hair is sectioned off, and white curlers are rolled into her shouldar-length hair. Her head begins to feel heavier with the weight of the curlers. Once the two pink curlers hold her front bangs tightly, it's time for the perm chemicals! Some of the chemicals trickle down her face. A thick white cotton rope is shoved under the curlers around her face. A see-through shower cap is placed over her head. Doesn't she look adorable? Soon the wait is over and it's time for another hair washing. As her curlers are removed, we see the beautiful waves taking shape. After a trim with the scissors and thinning shears, a bit of blow drying, and gel, Christina is finished and she looks amazing. duration: 122 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480
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