Create a JSP that displays the student name

Create a JSP that displays the student name and the current score, given the STUDENTID and class ID. For each class, a text file is used to store the student name, STUDENTID, and current score. The file is named after the class ID with .txt extension. For instance, if the class ID were cmis440, the file name would be cmis440.txt as shown in Figure2. Suppose each line consists of student name, STUDENTID, and score. These three items are separated by the # ***** Create an HTML form that enables the user to enter the EMPLID and class ID, as shown in
 Figure 1(a). Upon clicking the Submit button, the result is displayed, as shown in 
Figure 1(b). If the EMPLID or the class ID does not match, report an error. Assume three courses are available with 5 students in each course: CMIS440, CMIS445, and CMIS485.
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