355 : Fiat 126 drive nightmare - Starring Miss Amy

Miss Amy has to bring home her boss (Miss Vicky).

Sadly the car she has to drive is a very old one ... Miss Vicky's rusty Fiat 126 !Normally, Vicky would drive herself, but this day she has a terrible headache, hopefully!) and orders her assistant to drive. Miss Amy protests as she is not a skilled driver but her boss insists. a lot ... so she has to take the passenger seat and deal with this old car !! She briefly tries the pedals and immediately complains that she cannot drive with these shoes. The boss just tells her to take them off. Miss Amy protests but complies. Even before stepping on the pedals, she remarks that sitting behind the wheel in stocking feet already feels uncomfortable to her, but Miss Vicky ignores her complaint and just tells her to get going.

What happens next .... it's a real nightmare for Miss Amy and her sensitive and sexy feet !
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