ENG 215 Week 4 Annotated Bibliography

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ENG 215 Week 4 Annotated Bibliography

Select a topic for your persuasive research paper, due in
Week 5, that argues your personal position on a controversial topic that you
think is worthy of public debate. The topic must be current, part of an ongoing
debate, or a relatively new, unknown topic that you think deserves more

Note. If you write on a topic that is part of an
ongoing debate, your argument must address all sides of the issue, and must
represent and persuasively respond to positions different from your own.
Remember that topics, such as abortion and the death penalty, may be difficult
to write about because of how polarizing they are. You may find it difficult to
look at all sides of these kinds of debates, especially if you have strong
feelings. Avoid these kinds of debates, and look for something fresh.

If you write on a relatively new or unknown topic, part
of your task will be educating your readers on this topic and proving that it
is worthy of serious public debate.

Review the Annotated Bibliography document.

Create a four- to seven-item annotated bibliography
for your persuasive research paper.


At the top of the bibliography, state the title of your
paper and include your one-sentence thesis.  Make sure that you include
the full citation for each source in correct APA format.

  • These items
    should be peer-reviewed articles from the University Library. 

  • The
    bibliography should follow the guidelines for annotated bibliographies,
    contain correctly formatted APA-style entries, and include a one-paragraph
    summary/analysis of the item.

  • The summary/analysis
    should include the following elements: a one- to three-sentence summary of
    the article and one- to three- sentence analysis of the article that
    states its usefulness to your final paper.

Submit your annotated bibliography to the Assignment
Files tab.
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