VIDEO - The Braid


Alena wears her hair in a very thick and heavy braid for most of the time.
She does this because she has extremely long (floor length hair), and her hair is also unbelievably thick and healthy.
She wants to protect it and keep it super healthy, especially since she is growing it past floor length, such as Aliia, which inspires her.

Braids are not only protecting your hair, but they also look amazing, and when you have a LOT of hair, like Alena, the braid is never boring. It is a super long, massive braid which draws a lot of attention no matter where she goes.
She loves the attention as well as her braid, and this video is a video where you will only see her braid. She of course does a lot of different play with her braid. This video has been requested by hundreds of people, so we thought that it was finally the time to make a "braid only" video.

Braid stroking, wrapping her braid around a pillow, around her waist, around her leg, around her neck, around her shoulders and upper body, around her head as a braided crown, around her arms and hands, is some of the things you will see done in this video, as well as more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 5. April 2018

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