World War II War Department Military Intelligence Service Tactical and Technical Trends Bulletins

World War II: War Department Military Intelligence Service Tactical and Technical Trends Bulletins

2,032 pages of Tactical and Technical Trends bulletins produced during World War II by the War Department's Military Intelligence Service.

Forty bulletins published between June 18, 1942 and December 16, 1943. The information in the bulletins covers the European, Pacific, African, and China, Burma, India theaters of operation

From the introduction of the first bulletin, "This bulletin, which will be issued bi-weekly, consists of recent information of tactical and technical developments and trends affecting the operations of the Arms and Services. It is derived from official sources (except where specifically noted), and consists principally of extracts from reports by American Military Attaches and Observers in the field. Comments and evaluations are included where they are pertinent. Information relative to air and naval operations is not included, except where directly related to ground operations... The material is arranged according to Arms and Services. The sources of information are indicated at the end of each topic discussed. Divisional and higher commanders are invited to submit material for this bulletin, covering the experiences which they have had with the technical problems which have been encountered in connection with materiel issued to their organizations."

Most issues contain 20 to 25 articles divided into two sections. Section I articles are organized under the categories: Air, Antiaircraft, Antitank, Armored Force, Artillery, Calvary, Chemical Warfare, Engineers, Infantry, Mechanize Vehicles, Medical, Military Intelligence, Ordnance, Quartermaster, and Signal Corps.

Highlights among the many articles include:

Russian Employment of Antiaircraft Guns against Tanks
Japanese Toxic Smoke Candles
German Methods of Camouflage
Some Enemy Practices Used in Interrogating Prisoners of War
Wire Communication Used by Germans in Occupied Countries
Notes on Russian Defense against German Tank Attacks
British Nicknames of Tanks
German Salvage Procedure in the Desert
Japanese Defensive Tactics in the Solomons
New German Rocket Weapon
German Fighter Tactics to Avoid Antiaircraft
The Use of Benzedrine and Methedrine in War
German Instructions to Troops who May be Taken Prisoner
Concealment of German Trenche
British Signal Security in North Africa
Misleading Markings on German Planes
Regulations Governing Japanese Troops Occupying Conquered Areas
German Air-Raid Warning System
Japanese Tactics on Guadalcanal
Some Notes on German Weapon Development
Code Names of Japanese Fighter Aircraft
Japanese Use of Noise as a Weapon
Prisoners of War Used for Propaganda
British Observations on Fighting in Burma
Japanese Notes on Jungle Warfare
The Economic Organization of the German Army
Commando Raid on Varengeville France (19 August 1942)
German Armored Portable Pill Box
German Army Propaganda Units
Recruitment of the Waffen-SS
Japanese Defense of a Coral Island
German Evacuation Order — Sicily

Section II of each bulletin was composed of a single article, with more in-depth content. Titles from section II include:

A Tactical Study of the Effectiveness of the German 88 MM Anti-Aircraft Gun As an Anti-Tank Weapon in the Libyan Battle

The German Crossing of the Dnieper in the Kremenchug Area (Kiev Operation)

Summary of Operations in North Africa: 1940-1942

Tactics of Street Fighting on the Russian Front

Some German Views on Fortifications, Elements of Modern Fortification Design, the Failure of Fortifications in the 1940 Campaign
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