Avens Rose Pack

This is the Avens Rose Pack.

Feedback on the Pack:

The Rose pack is the perfect start to an aspiring thumbnail designer or designer in general, it offers all of the tools & stocks that any designer can ask for. Would recommend the pack to all aspiring artists.

I really recommend the pack for everyone, beginner or professional. It will definitely come in handy and has some really cool effects and layerstyles! This would be for sure one of my best picks for thumbnail packs. Very nice and clean!

Naps: Very good pack, I started making Thumbnails a few days ago and this really helped me out. The layerstyles and effects are incredible. I would highly suggest getting this pack. 

SynicalConcept: My nama Jeff

Inside the pack there are:

  • Layerstyles

  • Backgrounds

  • Tips and Tricks

  • Effects

  • Fonts

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