Rocket Rooster GH5 Base LUTs

‌The Rocket Rooster GH5 Base LUTs are designed to give you a quick starting point for your grade for a faster turnaround in post.
The LUTs are ONLY for Vlog L on the GH5.

The pack features 3 different LUTs;

The Rec709 LUT aims to give you a nice base with pleasing skin tones without the Magenta cast the Varicam LUT has. The LUT preserves all the dynamic range your camera captures with no loss of information.

The Filmic LUT is a creative look base with a pastel like soft aesthetic that offers something different suitable for various grading scenarios.

The Kodak LUT is based on a Kodak 2383 emulation and can be a great tool suitable for a finished look a lot of the time.

Pay What You Want, ONLY $2.50 reserve
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