OI 370 Week 3 Observing and Networking

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OI 370 Week 3 Observing and Networking
Resources: “Observing Skills” video and “Observing Case Study” video located on the student website.
Part 1: Observing
Individually or as a team:
Select an observation location that you believe could shed light on your problem.
Look for answers to the questions you posed in Week Two about Learning Teams.

  • After observing your problem, have new questions arisen? If so, what are they?

  • What ideas did you find in your observation?

Part 2: Networking
Individually or as a team:
Discuss your problem and questions with at least three individuals who have no experience with Learning Teams. Select people with fresh eyes, fresh backgrounds, or fresh experiences.

  • Ask these individuals what questions they would have.

  • Ask these individuals what ideas they have.

Create a list of new questions and ideas your team has gathered from your observations and networking.
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