HTG LIVE - Jonathan Royle Live in Las Vegas 2013


Comprising a total of Fourteen Video files which together give you a total duration of 14 Hours & 46 Minutes, this package allows you to become a fly on the wall at the Two and a Half Day Live Training Event Royle Presented in Las Vegas during October 2013.

Every Element of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnotism and Street Hypnosis and indeed every other area you can think of related to Hypnosis is taught in Royles Unique No Bullshit direct to the point, stay away if easily offended truly eye opening style.

Whether your a complete Novice wishing to become a Master Hypnotist or an established Professional wishing to add dozens of NEW, yet tried, tested and proven to consistently work strategies and techniques to your tool box then you will benefit greatly by studying the contents of this set.

Additional Input, ideas and training are provided by Jay Noblezada of HTG Live and also by World Famous Stage Hypnotist James SZELES who were both present and also contributed greatly to the event.

There are many elements of this package that ARE NOT taught in any other of Royle's Video Trainings and as such you would be wise to study this in detail as without doubt the contents will help you become a far better Hypnotist.

The information taught on how to generate more high paying clients, both for Hypnotherapy Sessions and also Live Stage Hypnosis Shows than you will ever need is worth its weight in gold and could be sold on its own for many times the tiny special offer price you can grab this set for when you take action today.

Remember you will get to watch and learn from every minute of training that these people were live at and are talking about in this video -

Exciting News – All Our Products Now Come with Real Live Personal Assistance and Support Included at No Additional Cost.

Our Products and Courses were already the Most Comprehensive and Best Value for Money, whilst also being Unique and Unrivaled in all manners, but now things just got even better for you all...
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