QNT 275 Week 5 - 10 Term Assignment

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QNT 275 Week 5 - 10 Term Assignment
Answer each term with 1 to 2 sentences (maximum). Each of these terms comes directly from the different Chapters in the book. Do not copy and paste a secondary source as your sole answer for each term. You must put the term’s definition in your own words. You can use a secondary source as a citation to support your answer. If you answer a term solely with a copy/paste secondary source as your answer, it will be counted as incorrect and you will not receive credit for the term. Each term is worth one point
1. Z-Test
2. T-Test
3. Chi-Square
5. Z-Score
6. T-Test for Paired Data
7. T-Test for Unpaired Data
8. Confidence Interval
9. Parametric Data
10. Non-Parametric Data
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