SCI 100 All DQs

SCI 100 All DQs

Week One Discussion Question One
DQ 1: If we have information about risk factors and approaches to risk reduction, why do some people continue making unhealthy choices?

Week One Discussion Question Two
What motivates people to make changes to improve their health?

Week Two Discussion Question One
How do our habits and choices relate to our physical health and our ability to manage stress?

Week Two Discussion Question Two
What are the consequences of avoiding stress management? Consider all six dimensions of illness.

Week Three Discussion Question One

Select one of the six classes of nutrients—water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals—from Ch. 8 of the text. What is the primary function of this class of nutrient, and what happens if you do not consume adequate amounts?

Week Three Discussion Question Two
If you were designing a personal fitness program, what would you include?

Week Four Discussion Question One

What nutritional choices can an individual make to reduce his or her chances of developing heart disease or cancer?

Week Four Discussion Question Two
What are the major controllable risk factors for contracting infectious diseases? Using this knowledge, how would you change your lifestyle to prevent such infections?

Week Five Discussion Question One

What are the primary sources of air pollution? Why is air pollution a health hazard?

Week Five Discussion Question Two
What do you do in your everyday life that contributes to the global health issues we face? What can you do to reduce your contribution to issues? What can you do to minimize the risk posed by these issues to your health?

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