10.) Denial – Will do anything to say no genocide occured

ZOG- Zionist(supports Isreal, term used instead of Jews) Occupied Government- conspiracy that jews control the world by controlling all the world governments

Miscegenation- sexually mixing races. Offspring used to express negative attitudes people have towards it

Eugenics- pseudo “false” science- controlled breeding of a human population to sift out undesirable races/ethnicities(blonde hair/blue eyes)

Fifth Column- à helping the enemy. (Rish- almost taken over) idea that when your fighting a war your going with 4 colonies--

Nationalism- loyalty to your country (not government)

Pogrom- massacre or persecution of group usually violent, usually jewish

Divide and conquer- create differences between ethnic groups so cant unite against youà the majority turns into minority, usually leads to genocide( Rwanda)

Dog whistle- code or phrase that only small part of population would understand

Apocalypticism- obsession with the apocalypse- (end of the world) White supremacist groups- book of revelations

Armenian Genocide – One of the first real modern genocide with means of technology (compared to Jews/Holocaust) in between turkey and Russia- lived there since roman timesà during world world 1- killed by ottomans - not officially awknologed

Anti-Semitism- hatred of jews
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