Expert Work

You need to do some basic research (for example…famous restaurant, and or ruins in your country or city, what weather is like, a famous person from your city of country) as described below.  This information is a must, if you do not have it, your writing will suffer.  Look for the information ahead of time. 

ABSOLUTELY NO VERB conjugations other than the ar, er,ir base (infinitive) form. 

An example of what your notes (that you bring may look like)

A. nombre, Ser, xyz

     País (ciudad)
     Ser, Colombia (México), colombiano(a), alto
     Familia, grande
     Abuelo(a), vivir

B.  Gobierno, Ser, socialista
     Presidente(a) Ser, (name of the person)

C. Estación
     Llevar (usar)

Please read carefully.  Label each section by its corresponding letter A, B, C etc

A.    (Should have 6 sentences in this section)

          - Tell who you are again (with entire name-if you don’t remember the name you wrote for the first writing, make up another one…see first composition or notes)

          - Tell where you are from (again, like in the first composition) and yes, give your nationality….see pg 89
          -Describe yourself (your new identity as a latino) with 3 adjectives

          - Tell if your family is large or small, and tell what family members you live with or that live with you (at least 2 others.  This information is also made up.) 
B.   (Should have  8 sentences in this section- The information should be factual about the gov’t/ country or city)
        -Tell what kind of gobierno (government) your country has (socialista, democrático,
          dictadura…look up the word if you do not know)
        -Tell who the leader, presidente(a), or dictator is (a real person) of your country
        -Tell what city you live in (from your country)
        -Tell of una persona famosa from your country.  The person may be alive or deceased.

        -What is (was, “era”) the profession of this person: writer, singer, politician, athlete, scientist (look up the word if you don’t know it.)
        -Name a restaurante popular or some ruinas ancianas in your city where turistas visit.
        -Tell at least one activity (away from your home) that you like to do in your city   
C. (Should have 4 or 5 sentences in this section)
    -Tell how many seasons are normally in your city, country or región donde tú vives?pg 154

    -Tell what the weather is like normalmente

    -Tell what you normally might wear in at least 2 of the seasons.  See ch -6 vocab for this part. 

    -Tell which season you like most or prefer 

D.  (Should have  5 sentences in this section) 

Chapter 5 vocab (ir de, estar de, salir para, volver de vacaciones) will help with this section and the preterite (past tense) from chapter 6, pgs 206-207. 

    -Tell where you and your family members or friends travelled (went, pg 244) last year
    -Tell how much time you spent there (pasar días, semanas etc)
    -Tell of one activity a friend or your family member(s) did and
    -Tell of a different activity that you did there
    -Tell when you all returned to your city.  (Después de = after)

You should have in all between 24-25 sentences….your work should be neat and legible.  Your information should be verifiable.    
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