Pro Sound Collection (24bit/96k)

Pro Sound Collection is a large professional sound library consisting of over 4800 sounds (2800 at launch + 2000 new sounds in patches 1.1 and 1.2 combined). These royalty-free sounds are perfect for all indie developers who need a large range of high quality sound effects ready to use out of the box. Great for both prototyping and the finished product. Designed specifically for games by award winning sound designers.

Full sound list and patch notes here

All sounds have been recorded and edited in 24bit/96k to maintain the highest quality. Based on feedback and suggestions the library will expand and grow over time. All future updates are FREE.

Please feel free to send your questions, comments, suggestions and
feedback [email protected] follow us on Twitter @gamemasteraudio for all the latest updates.

Main Sound Categories:
• Alarms • Ambience • Animals • Beeps • Bullets • Buttons • Cartoon • Cinematic • Collectibles • Comedy • Doors • Electricity • Explosions • Fire • Foley • Footsteps • Guns • Hums • Items • Levers • Metal • Misc • Nature • Powerups • Punches • Sci-Fi • Snow / Ice • Switches • User Interface • Voice • Water • Whooshes • and MANY MORE
Pro Sound Collection (24bit/96k)
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