FOLEY FOOTSTEPS - Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Over 130 High Quality samples of FOOTSTEPS, 14 different surfaces! Each sample is carefully mastered, featuring a unique character, pace and weight, for a more natural sound of walking when samples are played one after another. Perfect for any type of media, requiring quality natural walking or running sounds.

Included surfaces are: Concrete, Gravel, Ice, Snow, Parquet, Grass, Wood, Sand, Carpet, Rotten Stairs, Water, and more!

We have also included 9 individual samples of clothes sound/leg movement.

This sound pack is designed by our team of industry veterans, whose experience in the AAA gaming industry will add massive value to you project!

Download it NOW and save your money! This sound packet leaves nothing to be desired!

Thank you for purchasing and good luck with your project! 
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