M.A.C.J M200 PianoRack

THE NEW M.A.C.J PianoRack With with the ability to instantly select different patch sounds!

This PianoRack includes 3 Excellent Pianos, 3 E. Pianos, Strings and Pads. You can layer any sound however you like with whichever patch you've selected.
It also includes EQ performance function, a Master effect section, and a Panic function.

The following items required:
-Must Download Mainstage 3 From Apple Store.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your computer macbook will be able to perform while operating this Piano Rack concert!

Please make sure that your macbook has AT LEAST 8G of RAM and A processor that can operate faster and smoothly (At Least Quad Core i5 or i7 processor with a High clock speed 2.6gHz or 2.8gHz.)
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