Mark Gillespie - Barefoot & Naked (2002) - Mp3 files 160kBit/s

"Barefoot & Naked" CD (2002)

Marks first self-produced album. Excellent pop songs as usual, but also modern rhythms and funky licks. Includes the shortest possible hit single in history of pop music.

Supersonic Sunday (4:11)
My Dreams (4:11)
Hold Me Down (4:05)
Metro Man (3:07)
The Road (4:33)
Daydreamer's Son (3:59)
Day After Day (3:47)
Once In A While (3:38)
I'm So Tired (5:25)
Givvin It Up (4:12)
New Dimension (3:25)
I Need Your Love (4:50)
The Way Things Go (8:19)
Little Song (0:59)

Mark Gillespie: vocals & acoustic guitar
Thomas Dill: guitars
Peter Herrmann: bass
Markus Leukel: drums
und einige special guests
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