Date Like A Pro Book Bundle

There's never been a better time to become a pro at dating? Why?

  1. Online dating apps are making it easier to meet people but harder to connect.

  2. Social Media is setting an unrealistic standard of what relationships look like. 

  3. The dating pool is getting more and more competitive as adults wait longer to settle down, and ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE MARRIED. 

The Date Like A Pro bundle is THE BEST advice on how to meet, connect and get commitment from anyone you meet. It is a complete collection of informational material written by me, Miss Solomon availble for a limited time. The entire collection ($50 value) for just $15 but this won't last long. 

7 Original titles:

  • 25 Compliments You Should Be Giving

  • How To Get A Date In 5 Days Or Less

  • 21 Rules For Successful Dating

  • Start Dating Now

  • Find Mr. Right Without Even Trying

  • Unleash Her Desire

  • After The Swipe

You'll know the EXACT techniques dating experts and matchmakers charge thousands of dollars to teach. These guides walk you through step by step how to date with confidence and precision.
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