VIDEO - Long hair brushing in front of her face


Rin is a highly skilled long hair model with extreme hair, so you get the best of both worlds.
She is perfecting hair art, which can easily be seen in this video, and she is doing a fantastic job as a RealRapunzels model!

Like many other RealRapunzels models, Rin LOVES super long hair, and when we say super long, we mean floor length and beyond!
She is getting very close to floor length, and when we asked her "Wow, your hair is soon floor length! What are you thinking of doing with it when it reaches floor? Will you maintain length?".
She replied "No, of course I will not maintain the length at floor length, floor length is not long enough for me. I will keep growing my hair as long as it can absolutely get as long as it stays healthy". In other words, she is aiming to grow her hair like one of our other models, Aliia, or maybe even longer!

In this video, you will see her doing long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair covering, long hair brushing, long hair swinging and swaying and much more!

This is a video dedicated to showing long hair brushing in front of Rin's face, so the camera is closer to her face than normal which is why you can't see the full hair length except from the last part of the video.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 7. February 2020

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