MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning – Technical Paper

MGT 437 Week 3 Project Planning – Technical Paper

Resource: Microsoft® Project® 2010 Virtual Desktop

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper
that adds to the project your team started last week. Check to ensure the
project’s triple constraints are still valid.

Complete the following items in your

  • Phase I –
    Update SOW

    • Using the
      SOW from last week, review and update it based on course material
      acquired during the last week. In the update, include the SMART
      requirements for the project.

    • Identify the
      specific tasks required to complete each item listed on the SOW. Identify
      the resources required to accomplish each task.

  • Phase II –
    Project Schedule and Budget Update

    • Arrange the
      tasks into a schedule that takes into consideration the required
      dependencies between tasks. Use the Microsoft® Project® 2010 Virtual
      Desktop available on the student website to complete the schedule.

    • Present the
      schedule in either PERT or Gantt chart format. Identify the critical path
      through the network.

    • Review the
      network results and compare to the project’s triple constraint.
      Specifically compare the following:

  • Timing

  • Budget

  • Project specifications
    – scope and SMART

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