ryanadodson presets

The most current presets of ryanadodson. 5 color presets and 1 black and white. This preset pack will also be featuring an in-depth look into how I edit! The video will contain real time commentary while I edit the photos seen in the promo!

Each preset is designed to give you a natural look while incorporating some pink highlights and orange shadows.

#1 is my most used preset. It will give you warm, high contrast tones with a balanced tone curve. The grain is pushed pretty high to give a vintage look. You will need to adjust exposure and temperature as needed.

#2 is very similar to the first one but is a bit less saturated and a tad darker. Grain is still pretty high.

#3 is used most for portraits and MVMT photos. The highlights are pretty pink and shadows are off set with orange. It will give you a vintage yet natural looking image. You will need to adjust exposure and temp as needed.

#4 is the black and white preset. Very grainy, clipped blacks and whites to give a moody finish. It will look very light and airy. The contrast is also very high on this one.

#5 and #6 are the two newest presets to this pack. I used them on the majority of my recent trips to Palm Desert, Imperial Sand Dunes, and my MVMT/portrait work. Threre are heavy pink tones with a base warm tone. Tone curve is pretty clipped to give a nice blend of tones across the board.
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