►► Dedicated Download for Subaru Impreza WRX STi Guides, Mods, Tips & Manuals

"So much more than just a Service manual"

Dedicated download for Subaru Impreza owners contains Guides, Tips & Manuals.
This download Guide & Manuals covers models 2001 2013

MODIFICATION / GUIDES / TIPS / SERVICE / WORKSHOP / REPAIR / ELECTRICAL / / WIRING / MANUALS in one nice download.. (over 1.5GB the biggest so far!)

If you own a Subaru Impreza then this download Guide (for your computer) has been put together for you and is dedicated to
the Impreza only, Guides for doing mods and tips to keep your WRX / STi running including maintenance. A nice collection of guides by enthusiasts in the download.
from fitting brake conversion to upgrading, most guides have photos. All the guides are pdf format.
Also in the download is the service manuals for all models 2001 to 2013.
Plus lots more info on Impreza's like diagnostic info, Engine info, bulletins and mods.

The Guides / Service Manuals & Tips are all pdf format and all 79 are listed below:
Take a couple of Min's to have a read through them all ;-)

2001 2002 Service Manual

2002 2003 Service Manual

2004 Service Manual

2005 Service Manual

2006 Service Manual

2007 Service Manual

2008 Service Manual

2009 Service Manual

2011 Service Manual

2012 Service Manual

2013 Service Manual

Automatic Transmission (5AT) Manual

Automatic Transmission Diagnostics (5AT) Manual

Manual Transmission and Differential (6MT) Manual

Engine (H4DOTC) Manual

Engine H4SO Manual

2004 Service Bulletins

2005 Service Bulletins

2006 Service Bulletins

2007 Service Bulletins

Misc Service Bulletins

Subaru Trouble Code Info


OBD Software usb quick start guide

OBD Software es5 quick start

OBD Software for Subaru Using Elmscan or similar 327 Cable

4EAT (Automatic Transmissions)

4EAT Phase II (Automatic Transmission)

Subaru Impreza Tuning Guide

60mm Gauges in 52mm Cluster Pod

Guide to Fitting Gauges

2012 Center console USB and AUX mod

08 Impreza Master Speaker guide

2008 impreza door speakers

ABS Toggle Switch

Adjustable headrest

Advanced Impreza Electrical Theory and Diagnosis

420 sti turbo info

450 STI_turbo info

Subaru ECU Diagrams 99 to 01

WRX STI turbo chargers info

Basic Impreza Electrical Theory

Boxer Engine Technical info

Brake Dust Shield removal

Intake Install Instructions

08 STI Silicone Inlet Pipe Installation Guide

TMCI Top Mount Intercooler Installation Guide

Impreza Brake Systems info

Cluster with seqential shift light

5-Spd Double Adjustable Short Shifter Install Instructions

6-Spd Double Adjustable Short Shifter Install Instructions

Fit a Boost Gauge

Fit Blow off Valve

Fitting a turbo exhaust

Fitting front 02 sensor

Fitting STI Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) in a WRX

Fitting Front Brake pads

Impreza Fuel Injection & Engine Management

H6 Rear Brake Upgrade

Installing Lowering Springs

Key and Fob mod

Make a skid plate

On Board Diagnostics OBD II

Fitting Pink injectors on 02-03 WRX

Rear Reinforcement Bracket

Rear wheel bearing fitting

Replace instrument panel lights on 2000 - 2007

Replacing your clutch

Seat Belt Chime Fix

Spark Plug Replacement

Speaker Wiring Guide

Subaru Impreza 1993 to 2001 Parts List

Subaru Impreza 2002 Parts List

Subaru Impreza 2002-06 - Parts List

Supplemental Restraint System SRS info

Swapping Speakers Guide

Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement

Transmission Bushings fitting

Turn off Hill Assist WRX 08-13

The Impreza Guide download is pdf based and the menu is driven like a web page (very easy), Pages can be printed out if you so wish.

Service Manuals 2001 2013 every year apart from 2010, Covers in great detail all you need to know in the service and repair of your Impreza.
Plus service bulletins and tech training manuals. So much info is contained within this download for all Impreza owners

The manual contains the following sections:


Plus everything else about your Impreza

Parts manual with exploded views of every part of your Impreza from 1993 - 2006

This Download has been put together for Impreza owners, We hope the information will help you & your Impreza WRX or STI

All your Guides and manuals will come in one download that has been zipped up using winrar, YOU WILL NEED TO UNZIP TO VIEW THE FILE.
►►► If you don't have unzipping software you can download below
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