Introduction to Communicating with Your Pet in the Afterlife

This e-book is suitable for home study and contains practical step by step instruction. You will not find theories, intellectual concepts or speculation. You need no prior experience or special skills to succeed. We teach a method that has proven to be most effective with the widest range of people in a wide variety of emotional states. With this method, your emotions are not a problem, but are used to help you connect with your pet. We supplement with specific techniques and inspiring examples.

  • Express your feelings – gratitude, love, grief, and more.

  • Pay tribute to an animal companion – alive or deceased.

  • Move into a place of gratitude.

  • Open up to your pet’s messages and lessons.

  • Reconnect with your pet in afterlife.

  • Deepen your connection with a living pet.

  • Gain direct access your pet’s guidance, lessons and wishes.

  • Prepare for Sacred Spirit Writing and other methods of connecting with pets or with Spirit.

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