COM 200 WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT 1 - Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Communication

Nodaway’s, keeping a strong marriage is necessary in these tough times. Marriage require hard work when you considertwo people joiningtogether who have diverse feelings, thoughts, and values to live together for the rest of their lives. This will inevitably cause conflict if you do not work to keep your marriage connectiondurable. Can you relate to this article on self-disclosure in relationships? If so, explain what specifically you could relate to and provide examples of your own experiences. I can most definitely relate to this article regarding self-disclosure both you and your partners must becompletely honest about how you feel by expressing your:thoughts, opinions and ideas. I remember a stage in my marriage when my husband started feeling left out because of lack of communication on my part. I would plan a girl night out and tell him the day of which made him feel insufficient.
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