CS520 Week 5 Assignment -class named Senator and senatortest

Create a new Java Project in Eclipse named HW5_lastName and complete the
following requirements.
Create a package named cs520.hw5. Using this package, create the following
1.Create a class named Senator as follows. (This is the same class used in
a.The instance (or member) private variables – name, party, state (String),
and yearsInOffice (integer).
b.A single constructor with name as its argument.
c. The public get and set methods for the instance variables.
d.Override the toString method to return the string representation of this
object in the format “<name (<party) from <state has been
the senator for <yearsInOffice years”.
2. Create a SenatorTest class to test the following functionality in its main
a. Declare and initialize an empty Queue of Senator objects named
b. Declare and initialize an empty HashMap named senatorMap.
The keys will be the names of the senators and the entries in the
map will be the corresponding senator objects.
c.Use the BufferedReader class to read the data.txt file. The contents
of the file are shown below. Create the data.txt file in
d. Read the contents of the text file one line at a time using a loop.
The program should work for any number of input lines. In this loop,
1. Invoke the processInputData method for each line read. This
method returns the corresponding Senator object.
2. Add this Senator object to the senatorQueue.
3. Insert this Senator object into the senatorMap using the
senator’s name as the key.
e. After the loop is processed, do the following.
1. Iterate over the senatorQueue and display each element to
the console.
2. Access the keys of the senatorMap and assign them to an
appropriate variable. Create an iterator over the keys. Iterate
over each key in this set and display the associated object in
the map to the console.
Write a private method processInputData with return type Senator
which processes its string input argument and returns the
corresponding Senator object as follows.
1. Tokenize the string argument using the StringTokenizer class
using the comma as the delimiter, or using the String split
2. Extract the name token. Create a Senator object and assign
to the local variable currentSenator.
3. Read the rest of the tokens one token at a time. Use the
corresponding set method on the currentSenator object to
set the instance value.
4. If the yearsInOffice is not a valid number, i.e., throws an
exception when parsed, set the value as -99 in the exception
handling part.
5. The method should return the currentSenator object.

Sample Input data.txt file:
Al Franken,8,Democrat,Minnesota
Amy Klobuchar,10,Democrat,Minnesota
Angus King,4,Independent,Maine
Ben Cardin,10,Democrat,Maryland
Ben Sasse,2,Republican,Nebraska
Bernie Sanders,10,Independent,Vermont
Create an archive of your Eclipse project using the following steps. Select the
HW5_lastName project in the Eclipse IDE’s Package Explorer or the Navigator
Click File-Export. Select the General-Archive File option. Click Next.
Specify the “To archive file:” entry as say, C:\Temp\HW5_lastName.zip.
The zip file will be created and stored in
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