BUS 445-W2 - Assignment - Customer satisfaction survey..DOCX

BUS 445-W2 - Assignment - Customer satisfaction survey.

“Customer Satisfaction Survey”

Theresa M. Odom

BUS 445

Ernesto Saborio

February 1, 2015

Customer Satisfaction Survey

            The first step in developing a customer satisfaction survey is to determine its purpose and they should be designed to provide results with the information needed to make decisions (Evans, 2011).  These questions need to be directed and created to gather the needed information from the target customer.  Once the target customer is decided, then who is conducting the survey needs to be decided and will determine how the questions are worded.  If a survey is going to be conducted by a third party, in person by an employee, or a formal written survey.  Surveys should be kept simple and to the point without leading and be done in a way to pull the information needed to make changes and/or decisions.  Each question should be important to customer satisfaction and specific to the entity giving the survey.  Customer satisfaction is a part of experience and shows our liking of an entities activities.  Having high cus
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