MGT 317 Week 5 Diagnostic Surveys for Motivating Others Presentation

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MGT 317 Week 5 Diagnostic Surveys for Motivating Others Presentation
Resource: Diagnostics Surveys for Motivating Others in on pp. 328 and 329 of Developing Management Skills, Ch. 6

Complete the Diagnostics Surveys for Motivating Others.

Prepare a 15- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker's notes using the following criteria:

· Summarize your results individually and compare and contrast them with other team members' results.

· Discuss the results for Diagnosing Poor Performance and Enhancing Motivation Assessment and the Work Performance Assessment.

· Display the mean average of the team's results.

· Focus on factors that most effectively motivate personnel to perform.

· Include both the pre- and post-assessment results.

· Include a summary, with input from all members that identifies the most effective motivating factors for employees.

Supplement your research with at least one library article or website per person in addition to your text resource.

Provide appropriate citations for any references used. 

Format consistent with APA formatting guidelines. 

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