BUACC 2613 – Management Accounting 1

BUACC 2613 – Management Accounting 1

BUACC 2613 – Management Accounting 1

Contribution to overall assessment: 25%

Due date: ??

· This assignment has two equally weighted parts:

o Part 1 – Technical

o Part 2 – Essay ( 1500 – 1800 word)

· The assessment criteria are on p. 4.

· Your work must comply with the University’s General Guide for the Presentation of Academic Work. http://www.ballarat.edu.au/current-students/publications,-policies-and-forms/general-guide-for-the-presentation-of-academic-work

· This is a group-assignment. Each group needs to have 2 to 3 members in it. Please organise yourselves into groups.

· Please make sure that names and ID numbers of all members are stated on the cover sheet of your submission.

· As this is a group assignment, each member of a group is awarded the same mark. Working in groups has its pros and cons. I am sure that you will hold constructive and energetic group discussions on the issues at hand. In case of any disagreements, you will be able to resolve them in a democratic and rational way. There will be times when you may have to agree to disagree with each other. Invariably different group members bring different skills to a project; it is up to you to make the best of it. I believe one can learn a lot by discussing the issues with one’s colleagues.

· If you happen to find your group members are “not pulling their weight” or there are problems with any member’s commitment, then please try to resolve those issues amongst yourselves. Open and honest communication always helps. If you are unable to resolve these issues, you are most welcome to see me and we will try to sort out the problems together. Do this as soon as possible and certainly before the due date. [ Please adapt this to suit your group]

PART 1: Consider the following data in preparing Ballarat Furniture Company’s budget for 2013:

Product specification for each table for 2013

Direct Materials

Particle Board (PB)
9 board feet (bf) per table

Red Oak (RO)
10 board feet (bf) per table

Direct Manufacturing Labour

Laminating labour
0.25 hours per table

Machining labour
3.75 hours per table

Inventory information for 2013
Beginning Inventory
Target Ending Inventory
20,000 bf
18,000 bf
25,000 bf
22,000 bf

Finished goods – tables (units)

Sales forecast for 2013

Sales volume
52,000 tables

Sales price
$392 per table

Cost information:
PB per board feet
RO per board feet
Laminating labour per hour
Machining labour per hour

Variable manufacturing overhead costs

Fixed manufacturing overhead costs

Manufacturing overhead application base

Expected Direct Labour hours
Inventoriable (manufacturing) cost per table

In addition to the above, the following selling and administrative expenses are expected for 2013:

Salaries of Sales personnel
$1, 920,720
Customer service


Prepare an annual budget for Ballarat Furniture Company for 2013. Assume an income tax rate of 40 percent. Include the following schedules:

a. Sales budget

b. Production budget (in units)

c. Direct materials usage budget (in units and in dollars)

d. Direct labour budget

e. Budgeted income statement.


Go to:

· http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=321520

· http://www.bbrt.org/beyond-budgeting/bb-problem.html

· Two readings on Budgeting posted on Moodle.

Critically review the above. Do you agree, partly agree or disagree with the issues raised in the above? Discuss your reason (s) for doing so. You need to support your viewpoint with carefully chosen and authoritative evidence.

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