street trees in New York City

In this project you will provide a tool for
extraction of certain type of information about street trees in New York City.
The Department of Parks and Recreation performs a census of trees growing on
the streets of New York City. The course website has a listing of the files
with the most recent data for Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens (sorry,
but the data for Staten Island does not seem to be available in text format).
Your program should run with one of those files as the input and extract some
interesting information (details below) from it: we’ll look for most/least
popular species of NYC tree, most/least green zip code, largest tree, etc. All
output data should be written to an output file.Input File Your program is given the name of the input text file on its command line (the first argument). The input file has the
following structure:
• the first line contains column headings (your program can simply ignore it)
• all remaining lines contain 9 comma separated entries of data (your program may not need all of them, but they are all in
the file)
– tree ID
– street name (where the tree is growing)
– cross street #1
– cross street #2
– tree condition (an integer)
– diameter
– species code
– borough name
– zip code
Your program should produce an output text file. Its name should be constructed based on the input file name: it
should match the input file name without the extension (if any extension is peresent in the input file name) and it should have
.out extension. For example
• if the input file name is Manhattan_trees.csv, the output file should be named Manhattan_trees.out,
• if the input file name is BrooklynTreeCensus, the output file should be named BrooklynTreeCensus.out,
• if the input file name is Queens.txt, the output file should be named Queens.out.
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