Financial Accounting: E5-14 Natural Cosmetics, Mattar Grocery, Allied Wholesalers

Financial Accounting
Financial information is presented below for three different companies.

(a) Determine the missing amounts. (Enter all amounts as positive amounts and subtract where necessary.)
Natural Cosmetics Mattar Grocery Allied Wholesalers
Sales 92,051 (e) 158,710
Sales returns and allowances (a) 5,255 13,577
Net sales 84,435 104,549 (i)
Cost of goods sold 55,224 (f) (j)
Gross profit (b) 39,432 26,039
Operating expenses 20,021 (g) 18,517
Income from operations (c) (h) (k)
Other expenses and losses 3,777 7,797 (l)
Net income (d) 12,229 4,735
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