Remembering your Mastery 1` - Week 1

We invite you to experience a Group intensive workshop with direct guidance and wisdom from Ascended Masters Serapis Bey, St Germain & Kuthumi via international channeller and teacher Rebecca Dawson. This will be presented in 4 weekly evenings, allowing time for maximum integration and practice in between.
If you are ready to get off the Ascension Path and reclaim your inherent wisdom, then this series of conversations and practical exercises is for you! Rediscover what you already know, re-engage your natural capacities and bring your Mastery in daily experience.
You will be engaging with practical exercises and participating in experiences designed to re-ignite your Mastery and bring you back into knowing and using your inherent wisdom.

Week 1 Topics:
The 3 Phases of Conscious Experience
What is Mastery?
The concept of Permission
Investigating “Responsibility”
The Importance of Influence (the Sun)
Exercise: The Power of the Exhalation
The concept of Power
The “Monkey”
Exercise: Spontaneous Action