CIS 291 Week 4 Individual: IT Profile

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CIS 291 Week 4 Individual: IT Profile

In larger organizations, new computer setups are pre-defined by job title. If, for example, a new Customer Service Representative (CSR) is hired, the standard new system set-up for a CSR is pre-defined. All the IT representative has to do is place the order, install, and configure the computer.

In smaller and even mid-sized organizations, however, pre-defined IT requirements may not be available and the IT representatives need to identify a new employee’s needs based on what the employee does.

For this assignment, you are an IT representative in a small organization without pre-defined IT requirements per role. You are given a work request to set up a system for a new Outside Sales Representative.

Complete the IT Profile Worksheet to define the accessories and peripherals the new employee will need and the high-level steps needed to install and test one of the accessories. In this worksheet, you will:




Create a user profile that identifies the accessories and peripherals a new outside sales representative will need. A task description is provided in the worksheet.


Define high-level steps and considerations another IT rep would need to install, configure, and test one of the accessories or peripherals (not a printer).


Submit your completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab. 
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