Soc 312 Final Paper - Ethical Issues in Management Paper

First and foremost discipline is one of the major issues faced by managers regarding ethics, morals, and values. Managers must conduct themselves with the utmost diplomacy when dealing with disciplinary actions toward employees. Respect is a two way street and must be adhered to by both management and employees. Nothing is worst than a manager who says one thing but their actions tell a whole other story. Hypocritical managers lose respect from their employees. Managers who have certain attributes like honesty, integrity, and trust are taken more seriously when it comes to disciplinary actions. When dealing with discipline managers should also adhere to acceptable moral and ethical values of our society. Unfortunately not all managers in leadership positions exhibit the same value system of higher standards. Personally let’s go on the premise that a manager’s job is not an easy one. Especially managers with large groups of employees to oversee and delegate work assignments too.
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