Anneli's Haircut and Blonde Afro Style - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Anneli comes into Carmen's Creative Styling in Columbia Heights, Minnesota with blonde hair that is nearly bra length, and leaves with a big afro hairstyle. Wearing a smart blouse, black short skirt, black pantyhose, and heels, Anneli is covered with a red cape and led over for a shampoo. Afterwards, her hair is cut so the length is 4" all around her head. Carmen, the stylist in an attractive black outfit, curlers, and a hairnet, begins cutting the ends of Anneli's hair to round out the blonde afro. Before Carmen can comb out the afro, Anneli's hair needs to be totally dry. Anneli sits underneath a vintage hair chair dryer with a hairnet and ear protection, reading gossip magazines. Once her hair was dry, a pink comb-out cape covers her shoulders. Her hair is brought out into an afro. Carmen shows Anneli that she can do a few other hairstyles with her afro. Anneli stands up and shakes her head to show off the bounce of the afro, before sitting down again for a hairstyle change, wearing a white comb-out cape.

Duration approx. 80 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480, format .wmv
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