GB 590 Ethics in Business and SocietyUnit-1-Assignment..DOCX

GB 590 Ethics in Business and SocietyUnit-1-Assignment.

GB 590: Ethics in Business and Society

Professor Carol Hancock

Unit 1 Assignment




















The moral dilemma that was identified in the journal entry was a right verses right dilemma. In this situation the dilemma was whether to do the right thing for the company, or do the right thing for the employee. If I were to do the right thing for the company that would involve firing an employee due to the fact that she works slow and does not always complete all the tasks she is supposed to. This would be good for the company, as we could hire someone else that would be able to complete the tasks required in a timely manor and be paid for actually working hard. The other dilemma is if I were to fire the employee she would be out of a job and she is a single mother who was trying to attend school while working to provide all she could to her daughter. It made it a very difficult situation, as I believed
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